Using questions in a Pre-test to determine content shown after the test

Is there a way to use results from individual questions in a pre-test to determine what content the user sees? So If I have 10 questions on various topics  and the student does not answer some questions correctly at the end of the test I want only those topics available to the student after the test. 

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Russell Amundsen

Thanks Leslie for your response. However I am not looking to branch from feedback as they answer questions. I want to capture results for each question and at the end of the test display a button or link with a customized learning for the student to only show content for the questions the student got wrong. So if a student answered question 2 and question 4 wrong  with question 2 based on Topic A and question 4 based on Topic D. I only want the student to be able to go to the slides for Topic A and Topic D after the quiz.

I hope that makes sense.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Russell!

Thanks for the response. That sounds like it could possibly be set up with variables and triggers, but you'd have to accommodate all possible scenarios. Not sure how tedious that could get.

Perhaps someone in the community has built a similar design and will be able to share their thoughts/ideas with you for your design.

If you have a .story file started that may assist as well.

Matthew Bibby

It's definitely possible Russell, how comfortable are you with variables and triggers?  I don't have time at the moment to put together a mock up, but I'm sure there will be someone here who can help. But in the meantime have a look at the tutorials on variables and triggers if you aren't already comfortable with using them, and I'm pretty sure you'll be able to figure it out. 

Russell Amundsen

HI Wendy, I appreciate the help I am new to story line and was asked by my manager to create this. It is a graded pretest that will be used determine the content the student will see based on the answers. So if I am taking this course as a refresher I can take the pretest and it will tell me that I need to review these topics because I did not answer then correctly. then only show those slides. I hope that makes sense.