Using questions multiple slides - how to visualize progress?

In my course I have slides with questions. Instead of an assessment at the end. I want to set the passing score for all questions in the course and created an end slide that tracks all these questions.

My question is not about setting the trigger to pass/fail, but on getting tips on how to visualize the progress for the students. The students get some questions after reading some text or watch a video or do an exercise in an application. They answer the question and get feedback on right/Wrong. Then they proceed to the next slide. 

They may close the learning, but it's embedded in our LMS and it will only be marked as complete when the SCORM trigger a Pass event.

For example, how can they see which questions they have to answer and which they have answered already? I was thinking of creating a kind of exit page that collects this information. 

How to send the pass score to the LMS? Must I create a submit button?

Are there any examples available? I appreciate the feedback.

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Sjoerd de Vries

Thank you Ashley. Your answer put me in another direction, to vizualize the progress. It made me dive deeper in the stat functionality and variables. Not all set yet, but I amexperimenting.

My question was about an exit page that explains the number of questions anwered. Is that possible?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sjoerd,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "explains the number of questions answered"? If you're looking to provide some type of visual indicator to the user that they've answered X number of questions on a final slide you'll need to track some variables for each question and then use those to adjust the last slide's view. 

Sjoerd de Vries

Hello Ashley,

Thanks for taking time to get my question clear first. I understood I had to dive deeper into Articulate to be able to get my question clear. So that took some time. I will first explain what I want to achieve and if you can help me getting into the right direction, I will share my source file here.

So I came up with the following draft vizualization of what I want to acchieve.

The questions and tasks are now visualized in a path. Every step leads to a question or task and after answering the question or performing the task the learner returns to this page.

I already found out how to get a progress bar and posted that solution in another topic about progress bars.

I need some help on the following. In my image above I indicated with a green checkmark and a red cross that the question has been answered or the task has been performed. That's just a visual I drawed, so now I want to have such in Articulate.

Is it possible to indicate on this slide which answers are correct/incorrect  thi way?

I currently have all questions on seperate slides which I do like.

Sjoerd de Vries

My first idea would be to go to the question slide. This slide has three layers: Correct, Incorrect and Try again.

I can add a new variable for all questions, for example a variable "Question5", The layer "Correct" can set the variable "Question5" to the text "Correct", while the layer "Incorrect" set the variable "Question5" to incorrect. The layer "Try again" does not trigger the variable because the student can try again.

I checked this and that is working. When I ut the variable %Question5% on the slide it displays Correct after I answered the question correct:

But I can't get the checkmark image working on this slide. I set the following states:

And the following Slide trigger:

 I wonder why this is not working.

Sjoerd de Vries

Don't bother. I got it working by not adding a new correct / incorrect image that is hidden by default, but I simply created extra states for every image 1- 10. I will post the result here when finished.

The general solution is:

1. Create an overview with steps that links to questions

2.  Add states (correct / incorrect) to each step

3. Add triggers on the overview that change the state of the step object in correct/incorrect depending of a variable for that step.

4. On the question page add a layer trigger on the correct and incorrect layers to set the step variable to correct/incorrect.

5. Let the user return to the overview page to see the questions that has been answered.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sjoerd,

Thanks for sharing the images and detailed set up - very helpful in understand what you were looking to accomplish and I be would be helpful to others as well! When reading through your initial set up, I was thinking it was something with the states of those images and to just include them in your already existing images - so I'm glad you got to the same thought as well!

Looking forward to seeing your finished project when you're able to share!