Using quizzes in storyline or in LMS?

Hi everyone

Just after some advice... I'm making some short lessons in storyline which will then sit in a Litmos... just wondering if i put the quizzes in to my storyline (makes it more engaging and can assess on the run) will I be able to access the quiz answers?  Or will I need to put the quizzes in to Litmos so that I can access answers?  

Any advantages/disadvantages to both options?

Thanks heaps


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Brett Rockwood

Are you asking whether the quiz questions themselves should be built in Storyline or using a built-in quizzing function within your LMS? I'm not familiar with Litmos but in my experience most LMSs have pretty rudimentary quiz building functionality so if you are looking for full featured design control you may be better off building the quizzes in Storyline. Storyline does have the ability to send question/answer-level detail to an LMS (using SCORM 2004). Whether your LMS will read it may be another matter.

Paul Schneider

Building them in MOST authoring tools  (storyline being one of them) is much better than the LMS quiz engine in almost all cases. (There are some edge cases where this might not apply.)  Most authoring tools (storyline too) will send all the item interaction (question details) via SCORM 1.2 and 2004 and in most LMSes you can pull up question detail reports on this data.  In some cases for some LMSes they have better reports for their internal testing engine than they do for scorm test results, so you'll want to check out the LMS and its capabilities in terms of reporting (and then do a small quiz and test and compare to be sure!)

Marcos Dutra

I have a question: course consists of several SL modules, and client wants the users to move ahead to the next module only if they pass a test.
I understand this kind of rule can only be implemented in the LMS environment, right?
Could these quizzes modules be developed in SL and sent to the client, so they could use them in this pass/fail system?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marcos!

You have a couple of options here! You could...

  1. Combine all of the modules into one Storyline file and enable Restricted Navigation. Then, set up the quiz results slides in such a way that the learner cannot move on to the next module unless they have passed the quiz. 
  2. Keep each module in a separate Storyline file with a quiz at the end of each module. Then, use your LMS settings to unlock the next module only when the learner passes the quiz in the previous module. 

Would either of those options work for you and your client?