Using Raptivity in Articulate Storylin2

I am facing a serious issue with Raptivity. So would like some help /advise.


1.       Google no more supports flash. So we have to publish and use interactivities in the HTML5 format.

2.       The Raptivity output in HTML5 is not responsive.

3.       So when we use an interactivity published as  HTML5 format and embed it into an Articulate Storyline module, it occupies the complete screen.

4.       This prevents us to use a standard template created for eLearning module in the Articulate Storyline 2.

5.       The navigation buttons, our logo etc. all are hidden by the Raptivity generated HTML5

6.       If we re-size the HTLM5 interactivity within the Storyline screen, then it does not re-size properly as it is not responsive.

7.       So in effect we can not use the Raptivity interactivity in Articluate Storyline2.

Anyone using Raptivity with Storylin2 can help. Would appreciate.



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Arvind.  So that you can get the best help from the community, I'm going to ask a couple of questions:

It sounds like you're inserting Raptivity interactions into Storyline 2 as a web object, and it is covering your Storyline 2 Player.  You also mentioned that you cannot resize the web object in the slide, or if you do, it doesn't respect the size you set.  Is that correct?

Can you share a screenshot of what you see when you test your published output?  Also, please share the settings for your web object from Storyline.  Thanks!