Using results across multiple uploaded SCORM files?

Due to size upload issues and the way my elearning is structured, I have had to publish and upload my Storyline 3 files as four SCORM packages each containing a short quiz and results screen for that scene to our ancient Moodle LMS. 

I have created a fifth ASL3 package with just a final results screen (of all four quizzes) and a course certificate screen, however it doesn't work (always zero marks) but I'm betting it would work fine if it was still one package. Is there anyway around this? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

If those are all separate Storyline files and courses, there isn't a way to link the learner's answers to that file results slide. How large was the file as a whole? What version of Moodle are you using? 

I can't say I've heard of folks in the E-Learning Heroes community looking to do similar, but I hope if anyone has they're able to share here with you! 

Paul Wilder

Suspected as much - luckily I've managed to get a Moodle Certificate plugin that does effectively want I want (once I realised it averages over everything in that course including redundant hidden packages and quizzes!)

e.g. you score in the four parts 100% / 100% / 100% / 75% and the certificate gives you 94% 

You only do the first part and score 100% and it gives you 25%