Using Results.ScorePercent in a Javascript trigger

Hello all,

I want to reuse the result of a quiz in a javascript trigger.

in my javascript, i can easily reuse the variables i created. but if i want to use the Results.ScorePercent and after reading several posts, i seems that i need to create a variable and use the "Adjust Variable" trigger to initiate this variable with the value of Results.ScorePercent. here is what i have done:

However when i want to display the value of FinalScore (Variable that i created), it displays the string Results1.ScorePercent instead of its value.

Any idea what i did wrong?


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flora lassarre

Thank you Phil. it works perfectly. It was simple  but i couldn't find it. Thanks again and thank you for your welcoming message Leslie

Another question: i know that Javascript triggers are not supported in the ipad application. is it on the roadmap to get it supported?

The reason i need this is because i am developing a website and my storyline module needs to send results and time spent in the module to the website. i used the javascript to get the result and build an url to send it back. not sure how to do it with the ipad application.

any help would be helpful.

Thank you