Using Results slide doesn't record all results

I inherited a course that was promised to record all inputs and produce a printable results report. However, if you log out and back in to the course the previous answers are not included in the report.

Is there a setting I missed that will ensure all answers are recorded and included in the report? It's a lengthy exam that will take most users 2-3 hours to complete, so can't be completed in one sitting. I have confirmed the report functions perfectly if all questions are completed in a single login.

We're using Cornerstone to administer. Any help is appreciated!

*Attached is the Player settings.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Janis.

We found an issue where resuming a quiz in the Flash output causes the first set of answers to be missing from the Print Results.  I'm really sorry that this behavior is interfering with your students' progress!

What version of Storyline are you using?

The workaround is currently to use the HTML5 output of the course so all the answers are retained.  

Let me know which version of Storyline you have, and I'll tag this discussion for updates on that issue.  Thanks!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Janis! 

When you publish for Web, all you have to do is change the end of the URL from story.html to story_html5.html.

When you publish for LMS, you'll have to force your LMS to call index_lms_html5.htmlHave a look at this thread for the steps! Steve Flower's suggestion would be a good place to start:

It looks like this thread is a little on the old side but this 6 character change does the trick for me:

1) Publish to LMS with the HTML5 option turned on.

2) Navigate to the published folder and open the imsmanifest.xml file.

3) Scroll down to the resources node. The first node within the resources node <resource ... is where the edit needs to happen.

<resource identifier="__62mecffOHR9_course_id_RES" type="webcontent" href="index_lms_html5.html" adlcp:scormtype="sco">

4) Change index_lms.html to index_lms_html5.html.

The beauty of this change is it doesn't make your manifest differ from your contents. Some LMS are persnickety about manifest contents. 

Janis Ericson

I tried Steve's suggestion, and it removed the ability to print results from the Results Slide. I'll keep trying the other options you suggested, but so far I'm not making any progress. If you have more ideas or know someone that could take a look at it I'd really appreciate it. I'm already late delivering due to this issue.

Crystal Horn

Hey Janis.  That was my oversight!  I'm really sorry about that.

We added HTML5 support for the Print Results feature in Storyline 360.  Storyline 2 does not allow printing results from the HTML5 output.  I didn't mean to give you false hope.

If you are noticing that students are frequently breaking from, and then resuming the exam, is it possible to split it into smaller sections as individual Storyline projects?

I understand that isn't the initial design choice, but I'm thinking out of the box for solutions to get reliable Print Results for you.