Using slide to drag to any specific point in time across slides

I'm a long time Adobe Captivate user. I've enjoyed learning and using Storyline over the last few months.

We're working on a Storyline project that includes synchronized audio. In Captivate, it was effortless to create a "player controls" bar that include a slider where the end user could slide to any specific point in the entire module on any slide.

What is the easiest way to do this in Articulate Storyline?

I appreciate your help.




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Brian Allen

Hey Pat,

As you already know the built-in slider that is part of the Storyline course player is a slide level slider, not course level, so there is no default functionality to achieve what you're looking for.

You can use the slider interaction to do something similar, but it will require some development time in linking the slider to each slide in your course, and if anything changes it will create a ripple effect for your custom slider that could take some time to revise.

Unfortunately the closest you can get with this method is a course level slider that will drop you at the beginning of each slide, and it cannot be used to jump to slide layers.

The example I've attached loads the custom course slider at the slide master level, and is very simple and very crude, but might give you an idea or two...


Patrick Lambe

Thanks Brian, I appreciate your response.

A decision was made to publish, and then record the audio/visual combination with a tool that allows you to publish with a slider covering the entire output. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm curious how it come out.

I hope Articulate adds this capability to it's next update.

Thanks again,