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Michael Hinze
Joel MacDonald

I need help with using layers and sliders.  I've read the tutorial.  I've watched the videos.  I've looked at the example attached above and have tried to set everything up in mine exactly the same way.  Still doesn't work.  What am I missing?

Your slider is connected to the wrong variable (currently Slider10). Based on your triggers, it should be Slider1. Select the slider and then change the variable assignment in the Slider Tools > Design tab.

Michael Hinze
Joel MacDonald

It worked.  Thanks.  However the variable seems to change itself.  I'm not doing anything to it (as far as I know) but somehow it moved from Slider 1 to Slider 10 and then when I just opened it now to test your solution it was actually listed as Slider 7.  Any idea what this all means?

Maybe this variable on another lside in your project. You seem to have a bunch of sliders in various slides. Double-check that no other triggers/sliders reference this variable.

nicole lemoine

Emily, in this sample I notice if I move the slider back to the start posistion it still shows the lmage from the second(layer1) position, shouldn't it go back to a blank screen with just the sliderbar? why is it retaining the layer property? I am having same problem with my own sliders


Emily Ruby

Hi Nicole!

In this particular file, there is no triggers for when the Slider is = 0, which is the starting point. You could add a trigger to Hide Layer 1 when the Slider is = 0. This should make it go back to the starting point. Attached is an updated example.

Hope this helps!