Using sliders instead of paging arrows as a course navigation tool?

I have been experimenting with using sliders as the paging method in a custom player that has none of the default controls active. It works paging forward, but paging back results in a "sticky" slider button that isn't jumping to the correct place on the slider track, or shows the wrong screen, or won't even drag to the first screen again. I'm wondering if using sliders for this purpose is even a good idea.

Here's what I've tried so far with a 4 screen section:

  • Added an initial slider (slider 1) to screen 1; added triggers for each of the next 3 screens for the jumps according to the position of the slider button. Start: 0, End: 3, initial: 0, step 1
  • Copied slider to screen 2 and named it slider2; adjusted screen jump triggers
  • Repeated process for screens 3 and 4
  • Published to test
  • Encountered issues as described above.

Is there a reset or something I need to add to make the backward slider sequence work correctly?  Any help appreciated. Thanks.


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Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached file and see if that's closer to what you wanted. I added slide triggers that set the slider on each slide to its defined starting value. I agree the navigation is rather 'jerky', but that's because you have a fairly wide (horizontally) slider with only 4 stops. If you had, let's say 10 slides, the slider movement would appear smoother. Hope that helps.

Alex M

Hi Richard,

Michaels right!

To me, it seems like you'll need a trigger set on each slide that sets the slider's variable to a certain value when the timeline starts, depending on what page you're on. 

The reason you're having this issue is because sliders work with variables, so the 'reset to initial state' function under the layer properties will not resolve this. 

Take a look at the screenshot I have included to give you an idea of what I mean.

Slide 1 = Slider1 Assigned to 0

Slide 2 = Slider2 Assigned to 1

Slide 3 = Slider3 Assigned to 2

Slide 4 = Slider4 Assigned to 3

Hope this helps! :)