Using sliders to fade gradually from one layer to the next

I need to compare the sizes of two objects.  I want the user to be able to use a slider to slowly see the size difference.  The base layer will need to disappear when slider reaches the end (assigned number 5) and then reappear when the slider goes back to zero.  Is there a way to fade a layer out and back in again using a slider?

Thanks much

Lynne Hicks



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Lynne Hicks

thanks one and all! 

One more question...New Slide with multiple sliders which make shapes appear on a graph.  How can I ensure that even if the user randomly picks which slider to use, the layers  always appear "stacked" correctly.  In other words, One of the sliders/layers (let's say layer 2) will always need to be "at the back" when it appears so it doesn't cover up the other shapes on the other layers.  Make sense?