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Jan 29, 2014

I have built a slide using states where an object is clicked, a new state pops us. This new state includes a text box. I cannot seem to make the text box be on the top layer. When I am editing the state, the text box always appears on the top layer but when I preview the slide, it always appears behind several other objects. I have tried formatting these objects to go backward and behind as well as the text box coming forward or being in front but it doesn't change anything. Help please????

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Janita Proud

Thanks for your replies,

All objects are on the base layer. In normal state is an unlit candle, when that candle is clicked, the candle lights and a prayer box pops up. When I am editing the new state, the prayer box is in front of the other candles but in preview, it always goes behind. 

I have attached the slide.

Thanks Ladies!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jacinta,

I've fixed the 2nd candle for you and am thinking you can look at what I did and fix the others. I do, however, think this would have been easier with layers.

Take a look at slide 1.3 (untitled_rfc). I've left your "new state", but it's not being used on that slide. I added a 3rd state and called it "light" (no need special can name it whatever you'd like).

I also named items on the timeline (to make it easier for me) and deleted some triggers that weren't doing anything.

Because of how this slide is set up, the pink text box is being hidden (as you noted) behind the candles and the holly. So in the state called light (and your "new state") the pink message was being hidden behind the holly leaves leaves and the candles. Leaving the slide graphics as is, and using the Light State, this necessitated

  • Adding the 3 Holly Leaves and Candle 1 to the light state. If you click in the state and then click on the slide, you'll see that
  • Layering the holly leaves and candle correctly so the pink message could be seen; I did this by right-clicking on each graphic on the slide (while in the light state) and bringing forward or sending backward


Adding triggers to Candle 2, in addition to the "change the state of Candle to 2 "light" when it's clicked. These additional triggers

  • change states of Holly 1, 2, 3,, and 4 to hidden when candle 2 is clicked
  • change state of candle 1 to hidden when candle 2 is clicked

Please shout out w/any questions.

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