Using Storyline 2 to update SCORM courses created with Storyline 1

Not sure if this is specific to our LMS (Cornerstone OnDemand), but if we try to update a SCORM course with maybe just some new images and text, and the structure is not exactly the same (entirely new sections or pages added), it won't let us update the course and instead it must be re-versioned and it's a major pain.  We have some content created with Storyline 1 where we only need to change a couple of sentences, but now that we've upgraded to Storyline 2, it's exporting a different structure and forcing us to re-version instead of update.

Does anyone know of a way to use Storyline 2 to update Storyline 1-created content, and then modify the SCORM structure to be the same as what Storyline 1 exports? Or if I'm over-thinking this and there's an obviously easier solution, I'm open to anything that will work.

It's kind of a complex situation that I'm happy to elaborate on if it doesn't make sense.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dean,

SL2 publishes differently and therefore there are different files than SL1, so there is not a way to make them match. Since you're looking to make modifications to your published output as well, you may want to share a bit more information about what you're looking to do here so that the community can assist you or weigh in on the possibility of that.