Using Storyline 3's responsive player for desktop and Laptop users

Hi All, 

I want to use the responsive player for all variations of displays. I think it's good practice to have one theme style for your users as there can be some major differences between the players. So my question, can you enable the responsive player for Desktop and Laptop users as well and remove the old style player completely from your project? 

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Zac!

The people have spoken!  We're looking to create and release a unified player option for both desktop and mobile devices by the end of September this year.

The responsive player is really slick, so we want you to be able to share it with all your users, too.

I'll update this discussion once that feature is out.  😃

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dan, 

Not a pester at all - but no word on the ETA yet. Once we do have a date I promise we'll share here, we won't make you ask for an update! If you're subscribed to this post you should receive an email when there are new replies here so you'll see our update as soon as we have one to share. 😀

Chris Hodgson

I found this discussion today whilst looking for the same thing. I have found that the latest hybrid tablet devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro don't load the responsive player when opening projects and therefore the user can't take advantage of touch controls like being able to control sliders with a finger swipe for example. It would be great to control this player option on a per project basis in SL.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hacking the code is a bit outside my area, Richard! I'm certain if someone has done it, they'll be happy to share with you here though! 

Chris, we'll let you know here as soon as the new player set up is release - it will allow for the same player that you've been seeing on mobile devices to work on the desktop too. 

Simon shared an update on this in a recent discussion here: 

Hi folks,
Some good news - the Modern Player (formerly 'Unified') is now entering its final phase of Beta testing and is on track to ship in Q1. While this is later than originally planned, we've used the time to broaden the feature set and incorporate feedback from the Beta process.
We're not bringing the current desktop player to mobile devices. It was designed to be used on desktop-sized screens with a mouse and keyboard and is not optimized for mobile learning. The mobile player we shipped with Storyline 360 and Storyline 3 was optimized for mobile devices, but wasn't consistent with the desktop experience or as fully featured.
The Modern Player fully addresses those concerns. It's a sleek, modern interface that provides a consistent learner experience everywhere while adapting seamlessly to different screens. It's best thought of as a next generation player that brings our full playback experience to every device.
We'll preserve both options going forward, so you can decide how and when to update your existing courses to take advantage of the new player.
Alyssa Gomez

Hey folks!

You asked, we delivered--the Modern Player is here! Now you can give desktop and mobile learners a fresh, unified experience with a modern player style that’s consistent across all devices.

Head over to this article to catch all the details of this new feature. Then, download the latest update of Storyline 360 to take it for a test drive!

If you’ve got any questions about it, we’re here to help.

Lorraine Butler

Can you explain how I can de-activate the Responsive Design Player for mobile in Storyline 3?  I do not wish to change to Storyline 360.  I have existing courses using quizzes that do not allow the last question to be submitted when used on Apple products and this results in a black error screen with three white dots on it when the user swipes to the left.

Alyssa Gomez

Really sorry for the trouble you're running into, Lorraine! While there isn't a way to disable the responsive player on mobile devices, we want to ensure that your content works well in every environment. 

Would you mind sharing your unpublished Storyline file with our team? I'd like to have our Support Engineers investigate this further. You can click here to send your file our way -- thanks!