Using Storyline for enrolmnet or feeback forms

Hi All,

We currently use Storyline o create our online induction modules.

We are looking to capture our standard enrolment form info online while new starters do their inductions, so we have all the critical info before they come in for their formal classroom training. 

So I assume I would have two options - Survey questions or text variables.

But, how do I get the information sent to us after the course without going into the SCORM back end interactions data?

I am not a javascript user so would need specific guidance if this is required.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Sandy!  Thanks for reaching out!  Looking at the results reported from Storyline to your LMS would be the only supported way to get that information from your users, but our community has touched on getting that information in other ways, including this discussion of using JavaScript.  It isn't something that Articulate staff can help with, but feel free to join that discussion and to post a comment or reach out to other users!

Hoping to get some folks in here as well with other input!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sandy,

You'd find that feedback within your LMS after the user completed the course. Since Storyline isn't built to track individual answers and associate it to a particular user we rely on the LMS set up to accomplish this. As Crystal mentioned a number of users have looked at ways in which they could track outside of an LMS using something like Javascript, but it's not something we can offer support for.