Using Storyline for Epic EMR Software eLearnings


I work for a large Healthcare Network in Ohio and my team produces a TON of eLearnings for our Electronic Medical Software, Epic. We currently use Captivate for the production of these but have had a ton of issues with it and are looking for new eLearning creation software. Enter Articulate! I just signed up for the free trial, and was really impressed with everything I've seen so far. However, before pitching this to my leadership, I want to ensure that it would be right for the kind of eLearnings we produce.

Our eLearnings are highly interactive. We take screenshots of test patient charts in Epic, and go through the workflow with the user as though they were really in Epic and performing said workflows. Does anyone have any experience using Storyline to mimic other softwares in this manner? Or, better yet, anyone out there who has used this to produce Epic eLearnings?

Thank you all for your help!


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Randy Hill

I am semi familiar with Epic as my mother uses it for the doctors office she works for in Ohio. I have been using Storyline since version 1 and have done a lot of medical and pharmaceutical training. I have yet to find a software or digital process that I cannot mimic interaction with. You may need to get creative at times but Storyline can definitely do what you need.