Using Storyline for Presentations

I have an important presentation coming up to various stakeholders and was looking at ideas to get our message across in a different and engaging manor. I thought about using Storyline as my main presentation tool as the features Storyline offers could really wow the audience, I would be presenting on the Articulate App on the iPad and then using something like Apple TV or Reflector as my method of getting the iPad to the projector.

I was wondering if anyone has used Storyline in a similar way and if so what worked well and what didn't work so well?



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Luke Dart

Alexandros Anoyatis said:

Are you sure you can use Airplay mirroring with the Articulate Mobile Player?

In a word no, I haven't purchased an Apple TV box or subscribed to Reflector yet so I can not say for sure,  one of the reasons why I created this post was to see if there were issues using Airplay.  

I assume then that you have had issues in the past, are you able to share any experiences?

Alexandros Anoyatis

I haven't really tried Reflector with AMP specifically so I can't really be sure.

It is true that I do sometimes lose Airplay connectivity between the device and Reflector whenever they are on, but it could be my (quite complex) setup.

Maybe Phil - who I know uses Reflector frequently - could chime in.

Phil Mayor

Alex gave me a kick (thanks)

Reflector works mirroring the AMP but I don't think it is a good experience (it is great for recording the screen or showing concepts)  and you may run into screen resolution issue. You could also use Airplay via an Apple TV but gain it may have resolution issues.  I would be more inclined to publish to CD and load on a memory stick using the exe file to run the presentation but this will tie you to the lectern. 

Not something I would try to do unless I was forced to, I would be too worried about it not connecting, losing connection and the iPad locking up.  The more I think about it the more I would just use Keynote