using Storyline in Omnify (PLM) software

Oct 20, 2015

Was curious if anyone has had success in launching Storyline files in the Omnify software?  We use it as an electronic approval process for all documents and PowerPoint presentations, but as we are now converting to Omnify, we cannot find a way to launch the course besides using the word file.  We cannot use the .exe or .html files in this software.

we may be able to launch a video file, but I cannot see a way to convert Storyline into mp3 or mp4 file...can that be done?

All comments are appreciated!




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Carolyn,

I'm not familiar with the Omnify software so hopefully someone in the community is able to weigh in here.

In regards to publishing to video Storyline doesn't have an option to publish to a single file. You could record a copy of your published/preview output using a tool such as Replay as that does publish to MP4. 

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