Using Storyline on an iMac

May 08, 2014

I've a late 2009 iMac and used Bootcamp to install Windows 7 so I could download the Storyline trial version. Everything seemed to work until I tried to record a voiceover.  This is when I discovered that not only was it not recording the voiceover, but it would not play the music I'd added either.

I've tried installing various drivers downloaded from the Apple Website, but haven't been able to get this to work.  Is anyone else using Bootcamp/Windows 7?  There is no point in my purchasing Storyline unless I can get this issue resolved.


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Christine Hendrickson

HI Anne,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

It's definitely a good idea to make sure that you have the latest drivers for your microphone, speakers and sound card on the Windows side. It sounds like you may have already done this - but if not for all 3, it might be a good idea to double-check. 

You may also want to check the system requirements to ensure that the Windows side meets the requirements:

Articulate Support - System Requirements for Articulate Storyline

It may also help to test audio outside of Storyline on the Windows side. Are you able to record, and play/hear audio outside of Storyline?

Thanks, Anne!

Anne McCloskey

Hi Christine,

To be honest, I'm not that good with technical stuff.  I was able to use Bootcamp to create the space and install Windows 7, and when I discovered the issued with the mic/speakers I did an internet search to see if I could find a solution.  However, I don't know what the correct drivers for mic/speakers/sound card are, or where to look to see if I have them or not.

The Windows 7 Voice Recognition function works, which suggests the mic works, but I can only get sound if I plug in headphones.

I was hoping that some of the Mac users here could help as they may have had similar issues.  

You should consider setting up a forum for Mac users of Articulate so we could help each other with the issues arising from running Windows on our Macs.

As it stands, if I can get this to work, there is no point in my purchasing Storyline.  I know you've heard this a million times already, but you really ought to have a Mac version rather than forcing Mac users to the extra expense and trouble of installing Windows.



Mike Jones

Hi Anne,

I have a similar set-up to yours, except my virtual machine is through Parrallels. Anyways, I've been troubleshooting screen recording issues with my installations of Storyline and Replay, I found that I have to manually "connect" the devices like the webcam or microphone to my virtual machine every time that I start it up, Windows doesn't automatically assume control over it.

I also started seeing a pop-up within Parrallells telling me that I must have Windows drivers for both my onboard iSight camera and microphone. The tricky part that I'm having is locating an .exe version of the drivers now that Apple has moved to a "digital-only" distribution model for their software. Parrallels says that they should be found on the installation disc...but without having a disc in the first place, it's proving to be a challenge.

@Christine - doesn't David Anderson use a Mac? I think I saw that from Tom in a twee somewhere. Any chance you could get him involved in this thread?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Michael and Ann,

I have no idea what type of machine David uses. I know that Peter uses a Mac, but he's not able to make it to the forums as often as possible.

Ann, you're welcome to send David a private message, if you'd like. 

As for the forum sections, I'm afraid I don't have control over that :) Having said that, however, the newer version of the forums is currently in the design process and we're hoping that we'll be able to make more specific "hubs" for users. 

Thanks, also, Michael for assisting Ann.

Have a great day!

Sue Hammond

Hi Anne. I don't have an answer to your particular problem but I too am on a MAC, using VM Fusion to run Storyline. I had many, many problems at first. Finally I paid for a tech session with Articulate and we based on that advice we removed 'shared desktops' and files. ANY file I need for a Storyline project is on the VM...I just move them over so they copy to the VM. You probably know already that everything has to be saved/published on the C drive.

This has cleared up all kinds of issues. I also have lots of memory allocated to the VM.

It might be worth paying the $$ for a session to fix it. It's very, very frustrating to not have a MAC version or get good answers for this. I understand your pain.


Anne McCloskey


Thanks for your replies.  The good people at the Apple Store let me know that a new version of Bootcamp 5 had been released after I'd done my install.  After downloading and installing this, my problems appear to have been resolved.  However, as my 30 day trial of Storyline has expired, I can't actually test it.

Are there any options to extend a trial?  Even for just a few hours to check that it will work on a Mac?



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