Using Storyline output in Presenter09


I have a very extensive slide that requires many annotations and (in some cases) multiple simultanious annotations.

I Presenter 09, this task will cause me many many tries to get my work perfect.

My thought is to import the slide into Storyline and make use of the Timeline, then save the slide and import the output SWF into Presenter.

Any feedback on this idea would be of great benefit.

Any better ideas would be of greater benefit

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Dennis.

Without seeing your slide I am not sure what the best suggestion would be. However, whenever I hear extensive slide or many annotations or lots of animations, my first inclination would be to simplify your slide by using multiple slides to achieve the same effect. This will typically result in smoother playback as you are sending less information to the user at once.

Dennis Hall

Thanks for the Feedback Justin:

I had already tried this, however, to acheive this, I'll have to send it our for narration again. The narration I have has no clear breaking points that could tolerate even a 1 second pause between.

I think I'll rethink this slide verbage allowing the narration many break points.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall