Using Storyline with Moodle LMS

I am conducting an analysis on current L.M.S packages available on the Australian market and I am wondering whether a Moodle-based L.M.S has any limitations and/or known problems with published learning activities from Storyline.

In Moodle Help late last year there were several users complaining:

1) that Moodle was not displaying Storyline lessons at the correct size when publishing at certain aspect rations and viewing the content on an IPad with Safari.

2) that some users were experiencing trouble tracking SCORM activities published using Storyline.

According to Moodle's HELP forum, the tracking of SCORM is an outstanding problem. Tracking of SCORM and multiple device capability are one of my key criteria so I need to be sure this can be achieved in Moodle.

Any advice will be appreciated

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

I think some of these will depend on which version of Moodle you'll be using. I know that in regards to the first issue you mentioned, we're aware of an issue where if Storyline content is displayed in an iFrame within the LMS it does not scale or size correctly within the iPad. Our team is looking into it - and I believe the Moodle team is looking into it as well.

As far as the SCORM tracking, was it a particular SCORM version?  Storyline is SCORM conformant, supporting SCORM 1.2 through SCORM 2004 4th Edition as well as Tin Can API, often referred to as the next generation of SCORM. So you may want to look at the Moodle site again in regards to if it was a particular SCORM set up that was causing difficulty. 

Also, we have a number of contributors in our forums who use Moodle so I hope that they'll be able to pop in here and share their experience. 

If you need anything else, please feel free to let us know! 

Dave Engage

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for the information. I believe the majority of problems with tracking is reported are with SCORM1.2 and Moodle v2.6.2+.

Previous versions of Moodle are reported to track correctly.

The display problems on IPad are linked to Storyline Update 3,4 and 5 as Update 2 published SCORM were displaying correctly on IPad.

I would also like to know if Moodle supports all the quiz types that Storyline offers. There are many reports on the Moodle forum that due to the tracking problem with SCORM they were embedding the Moodle quizzes into Storyline as they were unable to use the Storyline quizzes.

Dan Marsden

If SCORM is the main driver for your decision around an LMS then Moodle has a few limitations over some of the commercial plugins.

If SCORM is all you need you should definitely look at the Rustici SCORM cloud (which does work with Moodle via a plugin if you need a full LMS as well)

Moodle only natively supports SCORM 1.2 and AICC - it does not provide full support for SCORM 2004 (unless using Rustici's SCORM cloud plugin)

Moodle provides limited support for Tin Can via 3rd party plugins but support for Tin Can is improving.

I'm not aware of any specific issues around tracking that are still a problem with Moodle on the latest stable code except for an issue with a flash bug with content inside iframes that can be worked-around by modifying your Moodle theme to force compatibility mode. (at least no-one has reported anything in the Moodle tracker that I can reproduce as a problem with Moodle)

There are under 30 active bugs in the Moodle tracker for SCORM - many of these are related to code structure and do not affect end-users. I'm hoping to have that under 20 within the next couple of months.

Hopefully that is useful.

Dave Engage

Thanks Dan, I will check out SCORM cloud. A SCORM player that will work effortlessly with Storyline is only one of my requirements as I will be requiring collaboration through forums, chat rooms and customisable interfaces as well. 

It's good to hear the tracking issues have been sorted and there is a work around for the IPad IFrame problem. Tin Can compatibility is not a huge concern as my client base is mainly mining and resources.