Using Stylus/Tablets to design custom visuals for courses

Hi everyone,

I am writing to see if any of you have experience creating real-time drawings or custom visuals for your eLearning courses using a stylus/tablet combo such as:

I am trying to utilize new tools in our courses to visually represent our company culture but also make the learning more engaging and entertaining for our participants. (Similar to content you can build in VideoScribe - but we are trying to push the envelope a bit further.)

Please respond to this post if you have any experience doing something similar for a course you have built and what the process was like. Do you feel the amount of work you put in and cost of the product paid out for the client in the long run? Please also comment on any products you would recommend (or any I should stay away from) as I travel down this path of exploring new tools!

Thanks as always for your suggestions!

Danielle Halpin

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