Using supplemental videos as the sole course content

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!

I am creating training on systems and subsystems for a hospital being built.  Last year, I developed the courses from documentation and PowerPoint decks created by the engineers.  Videos were filmed of the vendors explaining some of the subsystems and these videos were used as supplemental training material.

This year the engineers do not have time to write the documentation and PowerPoints, so the videos will have to be used as the main material for the courses.

Do any of you have any suggestions on how to use these videos in the best way possible to make them into a training course?  As opposed to just having a menu slide which links to the set of videos for a particular system or subsystem?

Thank you,


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Shiela Marie Marcos

Hi John,

I believe you're looking for something more than just adding navigation elements to make transitioning between videos more convenient. Storyline has the capability to make videos interactive, with the use of triggers and hotspots to manipulate the timeline or playback of the video. The end result of making the video interactive is an immersive experience for your learners, instead of the traditional "watch and learn" approach of standard video courses. 

Here's an awesome post that demos a lot of content which show how to make video more powerful by adding interactive elements. 

Lights, Camera, Interaction! 7 Engaging Examples of Clickable Videos

John Blum

Hi Shiela,

I had thought about making the videos interactiveway back when I first started incorporating them as supplememental material, but that wasn't feasible with course requirements and time constraints.  I know there's some really cool things you can do to make eLearning interactive -- I did some complex animations and interactivities in my last job. 

I'll check out the link you provided.  Looking forward to seeing those awsome demos and getting some new ideas.

Thank you,