Using Surveys for feedback in Storyline

We have a collection of storyline courses that make up a curriculum. We are using a survey as the final "course" in the curriculum to gather user feedback. 

We use a Likert scale question for the meat of the survey. I would like, if a user gives a negative rating on one of the items, for a survey short answer question to lightbox in, so the learner can explain WHY they were not in agreement. However, in Surveys, the likert scale does not have individual radio buttons as individual objects to which I can assign a trigger, so I don’t see how this is possible.  Any ideas on how to make this happen? Thanks!

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Matthew Bibby

Anne, there isn't a way I know of to do that with the Likert questions. As well as not being able to assign a trigger to the radio buttons, the variable that they use isn't exposed so you can't even trigger something when the variable changes.

I think your best option is to build a custom Likert scale question and use this approach to pass the value of the variables to your LMS. It'll be a bit more work to set up originally, but at least you'll have full control over the interaction.