Using T/F variables on layers

I hate to keep asking questions, but I love that I get great responses, so here goes:

I have areas hi-lited that take the user to each layer.  They are supposed to disappear when the user returns to the main layer, but that isn't happening.  The other problem is the "next" button that I added to the main layer.   It is supposed to appear after the user has viewed all of the layers (when all of the hi-lites are hidden.  But, it is showing on the layers!  I have set the layers to hide the items on the main layer, but that darn next button is appearing.  HELP!  My file is attached.

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Not sure what you mean by "They are supposed to disappear when the user returns to the main layer,...". Do you mean the "highlighting"?

Regarding the next button. maybe add a trigger to your go back button(s) to check if each layer has been visited (T/F where button is only visible of all 3 = T). That would seem more stable to me than looking to see if the states of the layers are hidden. 

Ellen Wahlen

OH, I got it!!  I just made a "visited" state on my highlights that was 100% transparent and had the state change when the variable for each layer was complete and then made my next button appear only when the state of all of the highlights was "visited".  That way I didn't have to worry about hidden states at all.  Thank you for your help.