Using <Tab> as a submit key in a 'Text entry interaction'

Hi All,

I have a little challenge. In our courses we use a lot of 'Text entry interactions'.

Users should be able to submit the input by the <Enter> and the <Tab> key and by the submit button.

No problem so far, but when users do use the tab key a yellow rectangle appears.

- When the answer is incorrect the rectangle will appear around the Feedback caption.

- When the answer is correct and quiz proceeds to the next slide, the rectangle can appear anywhere.

Does anyone recognizes this problem and knows what the solution to it might be?

All input is appreciated!

Kind regards,


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Rory Lavender

Thanks Ashley. All that is clear. I was hoping for a solution with less steps! At this point, for every text entry, of which I have many, I have to:

1. record using the Enter key
2. add several triggers that do not carry over from the feedback master as hoped
3. change each text entry to allow for the Tab key
4. remove the accessibility feature for objects on the slide 
5. remove an object from slide's tab order
6. then the 'regular' stuff - updating feedback layers, etc.

But at least I have a working solution now. Thanks to all the discussions, I was able to cobble together a solution that works for me.

Todd Haynes

I wish Storyline had options that Authorware did back in the day. You could trigger a text entry using any these options (been  long time, may not have them all): Key pressed (specific number or letter), number of characters typed, match entire word/phrase, keypress (tab, enter), pattern (with wildcards), and some more I can't remember.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Todd,

Could you share an example/scenario of what you would like to create? Storyline does have keypress triggers, matching interactions, and fill in the blank for specific words. 

I'm not familiar with Authorware, but we'd certainly like to understand to see if we could help you out.

We have a very creative and savvy community here as well.