Using Tab Key Function in Freeform

Nov 04, 2019

I converted a slide with text fields into a freeform quiz slide. I noticed that when I tried to use the Tab Key to enter info into the text field, it does not recognize that i have inserted text into those fields. In the Form View, I selected all text boxes that need to be filled out before continuing. If the learner does not enter text into ALL of the fields, they will get the "Try Again" layer. Two unique testers got the "Try Again" even though they inserted text into all fields. I got the "Correct" layer because I clicked in each box and inserted text. They used the tab entry. If they go back and try to click in the boxes instead, it will not accept their answers. 

After doing several tests and scenarios, I concluded it was the Tab key. Some users are used to keyboard shortcuts. I noticed this is a problem with Articulate. As a temp solution, I disabled the accessibility for those fields because it gives a yellow highlighted box around other items on the screen such as the logo, information box, exit button, etc. I'm not concerned about the accessibility portion as these are learners who report lab tests based on visual findings. I am concerned about the Tab key not being an option for inputting information the fields and then not being able to advance to the next slide. 

Any other remedies?

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