Using Templates and Editing Text in Boxes

Nov 09, 2015

I'm using the drag and drop template and when I choose edit text on the drop boxes  (e.g. Note 1) the original text remains in the background with my text on top. I tried the preview view and you can still see the two texts. How can I delete the original text and only have my text visible. I've experienced this in other slides/templates as well.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Katherine -- Sorry to hear that you are having troubles, and welcome to the community!

Would it be possible for you to share your .story file to better illustrate the issue you are encountering? If you would like to share here in the thread so that others in the community make take a look and chime in with suggestions, please use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box. :)

Katherine Chartier


One more question. I'd like to have students "take notes" during the presentation and am currently using a quiz - blank text box. Is there a way to set a trigger or something that would allow them to print or save a file when they are done? The only print options I found were for quiz results. Help would be much appreciated.



See slide 1.15

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