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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi David,

Are you looking for the text to change or for it to appear above the hotspots? I'm not clear on what you meant behind? But if you'd want it above the hotspot to edit it, click on that actual text box on the timeline and you should be able to change it to what you'd like. 

I opened your .story file as well, but it doesn't seem to match the image you shared here. If you want to share that .story file I'm happy to take a look and point out where to change that text!

Jennifer Wagner

I see the problem. There are no actual textboxes on the timeline, and the placeholder text is part of the image and not editable. I'm not sure why the creator of the template didn't include text boxes, but an easy fix is to just add text boxes over top of the Lorem ipsum text and set the Shape Fill of the text box to the same light blue color as the background (using the Eyedropper). That way the original text is covered up.