Using text variables to choose a scene to go to based on the answer.

Jan 11, 2021

Hi all,

I'm in the process of creating an e-learning project, I'm trying to using a text variable to make it so that if you're in a particular job role you have to complete an extra part of the training. If you have another job role then you can just go straight to the quiz. Is this something a text variable can do or is there another way to make this happen?


Thanks in advanced.


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Tim O'Sullivan

Hi Walt,


This is kind of what I'm looking for, however I'm looking to have people type in what role they are in, as this could leave the option for them to select the wrong type of job role and then either have to go through something that they dont need or go back to the previous page and click the correct button.


Walt Hamilton

That's easy enough. Instead of the icons, give them a Text entry box, and use the results of that variable to do your navigation. The risk you run there is that they must type in a pretty exact answer for it to work. When SL checks the answer, "Cowboy", cowboy", and "cowbopy" (which is a mistake I just made) are different answers. So you would have to write your triggers as "Jump to slide Cowboy when user clicks Next if TextEntry is equal to "Cowboy" OR TextEntry is eaual to "cowboy" OR TextEntry is equal to "cowbopy", etc