Using the built in cursor in a training

I have never played with the inserting a cursor feature before but I have a training that I thought it would work great on. The only problem is that the cursor move painstakingly slow. I do not see an option anywhere for changing the speed of the cursor. Am I missing that?

I want to show a cursor coming in and clicking on a link. I could always just do a screen recording of myself clicking on the link but I thought I would play around with the insert cursor tool since I finally had a reason to use it.

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S. Yu

Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by 2 lines of text. Are you adjusting the object on the timeline? 

If you find that you can't click and drag the end of the bar, try right-clicking on the bar and then unchecking "Show Until End." 

Then, click and drag a side of the bar to the desired length of time. 

Does that work? 

Rob Morgan

Yeah I had already deselected the "show until end" and adjusted the length of the cursor on the time line to 1s and it still was moving extremely slow. I deleted the cursor, closed Storyline and then opened it back up and put the cursor in again and it moves much faster. Looks like it was just one of those random errors you can only fix with a restart.