Using the keyboard to press enter on a group of objects that trigger the next slide doesn't work?


I was trying to tab through my project and make sure it was accessible for people not using a mouse. There is a group of objects that can be clicked to go to the next slide, but it seems like hitting Enter on the group of objects does not work.

So for a trigger to work for a keyboard only user, does it have to be on a single object and not a group of objects? Thanks, 

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Jack Drolet

Thanks Christie. I've attached the project file and it's published here -

On the first slide, there are three images that are in a group, Group 1. There is a trigger set to go to the next slide when the user clicks Group 1. I think it works with a mouse but not a keyboard. 



Christie Pollick

Hi, Jack -- Thanks so much again for you patience while we reviewed your file! I also experienced the same behavior in a test file as what I saw in the sample you provided. It looks like this issue has already been reported to our Quality Assurance team for additional investigation.

While I do not have a workaround to share or a timeframe in which this matter may be addressed, I will be sure to share any additional updates or information here as it is received.