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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Tom, Danny, and Bruce,

For icons, I use the method suggested by Phil in  this post, where he describes using the shapes from the buttons ... EXCERPT quoting Phil

"remove all the states from a button right click set the fill and stroke to transparent and increase the fontsize to increase the size of the icon."


"The icons are not really shapes, I would like to be able to choose insert icon but at the moment that is not possible.

I have a few of these icons set up on a scratch pad (a scene in storyline) that i import at the start of every project just in case I need to insert this type of thing into a course"

I've done the same thing...it's SO easy to create assorted icons in any color. Way cool, so thought I'd share.

I particularly dislike the markers because of the size limitations (probably a sign of my aging eyes...oh pooh).