Using the Mobile player - features and approaches

Hello fellow e-learning friends,

I have a few musings about the Mobile player. I was wondering if anyone had thought of these things previously, and if there are solutions or not. 

a) Can the mobile player be made to start in full screen mode? 

b) What methods can/should be used to exit out of the player and get the learner back to the web-based LMS? Do they need to manually exit the player and relaunch the browser? Could an in app web-object be used once they are in the app to access the LMS interface? We are really interested in making the experience as seamless as possible as our learners might not be very tech savvy. (Note: exiting the course takes you to the library page of the player, rather than closing the player and taking you back to the LMS).

c) If the content is downloaded for offline viewing. "Available Offline" , does that automatically preclude sending info to the LMS? That is, even though the content is available offline, if there is a connection, it will still use that connection (not to download the content, which it already has, but to send data to the LMS)? 

d) Related to that, if the player is online, does it have to download the content every single time that content is used, or is it cached somewhere? Like it would be in a web browser. 

Many thanks for any tips


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dann,

1) I haven't seen a method to set this up, but I suspect if there is one the community will chime in here. 

2) If you're using the Exit course trigger on a button, you could also add a trigger to jump to a particular URL when clicked, to return them to the LMS. Although, I'm not certain it would pass back their log in information. You could also include a web object within the Mobile player, and for more on what can and cannot be included in the mobile player, I'd refer you to this comparison chart. 

3) If you include the "Available offline" option, it will allow the user to run the course when not connected to a wireless network, but if they are connected they'll still be able to see the content and information will be communicated to your LMS. If you need tracking and reporting capabilities, your learners will need to be connected to the internet at the time they view your course—otherwise, your course won’t be able to communicate data to your your LMS.

4) If the user is accessing the course through the mobile player it'll be stored in the library and depending on the amount of information (videos, images, etc.) it may take a bit to reload.