Using the project.progress variable to send quiz data on LMS


I have an issue with the tracking that is sent to my client's LMS.

2 conditions are required :

I would like to use a "mark as complete" trigger, but also send the % obtained during my quiz.


My course has 4 chapters.

My issue is that that this quiz is at the end of chapter 3.

However, my client requires that the first 3 slides of chapter 4 are viewed before getting a "Complete" tick on the LMS. My client refuses to have a "Complete" status sent after the quiz, but requires the mark as complete option.


I understand that the first option the user completes is sent to the LMS and sends the "Complete" status.

I found that the tracking through the "result slide of the quiz" is the only way to get a % in the LMS.

Otherwise, if I only used the "mark as complete" publishing option, I would get 0% until I get to the slide which contains this trigger. Then I would get the "Complete", but no quiz score percentage.


I thought about using the "Mark as complete" option on my last slide, and use the "project.progress" built-in variable but I am unsure if that would be of any help.I do not know how to use it. I tried setting a "Add 1 to project.progress" on every Correct layer in the questions of my quiz, but it did not help... What would be the total of project.progress ?


Thanks for the help...

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