Using the timeline to adjust timing of animations

Hello ELH,

When I adjust the timing of any object in the timeline, regardless of whether an animation is assigned to it or not, the change does not always work when I preview the slide. The reason I mention the animation is because the only way I have found to fix this is to change the animation to "No Animation" and then back to the animation selected OR, if there is no animation to begin with, I can assign an animation and then switch back to "No Animation" and then the change in timing seems to stick.

It is not caused by any animation in particular.

Is this a technical issue or am I doing something wrong? I've heard this is happening to others as well.



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Sherry Rose

Curious to know if Josh has sent in a screen cast... and if there is a solution. I am having this same problem and believe me it is pretty frustrating.  I am ready to send a huge file to the customer only to find out that the timeing on the Playlist (which is correct) is totally skewed when previewing!!!  I am not a happy camper.  This just happened again to me the other day.  I have taken out all of my Animations (which is unfortunate) but have continued to use the markers... perhaps this is a marker specific problem?  ANyway, I would really like to know what a fix for this is as my delivery date is tomorrow!  In my last file due just this past Monday... I simply had to play with and fudge the timing of everything and it was a total time waster.  Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  I would upload my file but it is 100 slides.    

Rusty Worden

I am working on a team of 4 right now and we are all experiencing the same thing - additionally, another team at another company is experiencing the same thing also - shouldn't be really difficult  to see this behavior without the case.

Two things usually resolve it for me - saving, selecting another slide, then coming back to the same slide seems to refresh it.

Also, previewing the slide rather than hitting play in the timeline and then coming back to hit play in the timeline for the next one.

Sherry Rose

Ho hum... I have I am sure tried all of the above but with no luck - going away and coming back etc.  I am now taking out my animation and the swirls on the markers... perhaps I will have to change all the Markers to my own images!  Anyway, I am not happy... I was so hoping that this was a finished product ... But thank you for your response.  Appreciate it.