Using themes in a slide layer


I'm new to Storyline 2 and I'm trying to apply a slide theme  to a slide layer (i.e. I want the new layer to look the same as the base layer - just with different content).  Is this possible?

Here's the goal:  I have triggers on my base slide that a user clicks.  When the user selects on of the triggers, the related layer shows up.  I want that layer to follow the same them (design) as my base layer, but I want to share new information.

Thanks for your help!

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Brad Hodgson

Hi Christie,

Thanks for your help!  I've read through that article, and I'm guessing that I'm using layers for something that isn't intended.

If you look at the attached demo, my goal is to have the background of each layer look just like the base slide (i.e. I'd like the white background with the black rectangles at the top and bottom - rather than the dark background that fades to white in the middle).