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rehan arshad

Hi Thomas, I agree with Nancy.

To add a trigger after 25 sec or 50 sec, what you can do is, you can have a box/button off the stage(away from Slide white area) and add a trigger to start after 25 or 50sec, when timeline start for that box/button. Button will not show but its trigger would work.

There is no way otherwise, If you need further help you can ask

Thomas Bode

Here is my scenerio:

I have slides with multiple layers. As it is written now, Base calls layer 1 when timeline starts, Layer 1 calls Layer 2 when Layer 1 timeline ends, Layer 2 calls layer 3 when Layer 2 timeline ends, etc. Last layer jumps to next slide when timeline ends. I have a seek bar on player. When I pause the slide, audio stops, but the layers continue to advance. I would like the user to be able to back up during the slide presentation and have the correct layer displayed with the audio in sync with the seek point. What is a recommended way to implement this?

Jerson  Campos

Hey Thomas,

I'm actually working on a project that has something similar to what you are describing. We have several layers with content on one slide. What we have done is add "content dots" on the slide that will go back to the layer that is associated with it.  This way the user can repeat what s/he missed. It something similar to a slideshow. If you have audio, you will have to cut it up and put it in each layer.  I've done this with video as well. I've cut it up into three different sections and put it on three different layers set to play one after the other when the timeline ends. It's pretty smooth when it plays through the entire thing. I put some buttons that lets users replay only certain parts of the video through the layers.