Using Triggers, Variables and Shape States to make a game

Feb 25, 2014

I'm making a very ugly version of family feud. The variable to add to the score counter does not seem to work. I've attached the file for you to peruse. I'm open to all sorts of feedback, whether it's design for the actual images, or how to use the variables and layers to make a version that actually works.

I need it to add up when you get the answer correct, but to only add it once. So typing "odd" will flip the image from disabled to normal, and add 30 points, but it shouldn't add it if you type odd or even again. 

I'd love someone to tell me why the variables don't trigger when I change the state from disabled to normal with the score. I'd also love to know why sometimes the trigger order doesn't read top to bottom.

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Alexander Salas

Hi Zak, 

This one was a bit challenging and you probably already figured out but, here it is anyway.

Primarily your issue had to do with the order of the triggers and there were a couple of variables I added to ensure that the same answer was not scored twice.  I only applied the changes to the "Odd/Even" and "Divisible" answers.  This would allow you to backwards engineer the process for the rest of them.

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