Using triggers with Video from Website


I have a video from a website embedded in my course on a page that users go to to access other pages. I would like for the video to go away if the user has gone to a page from the menu (the video autoplays so its awkward to hear over an over again). Is there any trigger that I can use to stop/pause/get rid of the video?

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Mike B.

You can use Vimeo's javascript API to monitor and control the playback of the video:

If you simply want to hide the video when they re-visit the slide, you might be able to place it on a slide layer, and only show that layer the first time the user visits the slide. I might test this out myself now...

Bill Kelleher

That is does Mike, thanks for the assist! I may try something with the API in the future, but all I want for now is to make the video go away after the first time through.

I love that there are so many ways to accomplish everything in Storyline, but sometimes it takes another eye to spot the way to make it work for you.

Mike B.

Glad that helped!

I know what you mean. Sometimes I start out thinking of a way to do something with a bunch of variables, and then find out SL already has a feature that makes it much easier to accomplish. The developers really did think through things well when creating the software. I can't wait to see what future versions will look like.