Using triggers with Web Objects in Articulate Storyline 360

Apr 10, 2019

I want to add a trigger that will enable the Next button when the user completes the web object. Per Articulate support, Storyline and Web Objects work independently of one another. They suggested I post here to see if anyone has some sort of workaround to get the web object and Storyline to communicate with one another. The web object is an HTML I created in Active Presenter.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you 

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Zsolt Olah

Hi Vicky,

You can do that but you need to prepare both Presenter and Storyline to be able to communicate. 

In Presenter, follow the instructions here about adding a trigger when it's complete:

The JavaScript trigger you need add when Presenter is complete is something like this:


In Storyline, create a variable called PresenterComplete and set it to 0 when the timeline starts on the slide where you have the webobject. 

Presenter will turn the variable to 1 when it's complete, so all you need is a trigger in Storyline to watch that variable change.

You can also use T/F variables for that if you want. There was a time when html5 had some bugs with T/F, so I use numbers. 

Ariff Khalid

I'm new to Storyline 360 and am looking at a similar fix. however my web object is another scorm file entirely which is published to web.


I've resorted to setting the timeline to last for the average duration of how long it takes to complete that file ~roughly 10 minutes.


Works as a quick fix. thank you to Gerry and Jeanette for posting this workaround in this topic and demo 

Ariff Khalid

thank you for this! it, too, is exactly what i was after. 

However i only just learnt that using Rise when developing the course ( the equivalent to your pacman.story export) does not allow adding custom javascript triggers like Storyline does.

So i'm thinking i may need to add a storyline interaction that can execute the js into my pacman.story and figure out how to get the code to set a variable for a button in my animation.story to be clickable/unclickable rather than wait for an animation to complete, after which i will be able to call it a day and move on to the next elephant.

I appreciate your effort and demos listed in the earlier topic. you've helped me get one step further after being stumped worrying about the fact that if its time-based, people can just wait it out and then continue (which is not ideal)

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