Using triggers with Web Objects in Articulate Storyline 360

I want to add a trigger that will enable the Next button when the user completes the web object. Per Articulate support, Storyline and Web Objects work independently of one another. They suggested I post here to see if anyone has some sort of workaround to get the web object and Storyline to communicate with one another. The web object is an HTML I created in Active Presenter.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you 

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Zsolt Olah

Hi Vicky,

You can do that but you need to prepare both Presenter and Storyline to be able to communicate. 

In Presenter, follow the instructions here about adding a trigger when it's complete:

The JavaScript trigger you need add when Presenter is complete is something like this:


In Storyline, create a variable called PresenterComplete and set it to 0 when the timeline starts on the slide where you have the webobject. 

Presenter will turn the variable to 1 when it's complete, so all you need is a trigger in Storyline to watch that variable change.

You can also use T/F variables for that if you want. There was a time when html5 had some bugs with T/F, so I use numbers. 

Mata Henry

Hi Vicky, did you have any luck getting the web object completion to work/come through? 
We have a similar problem - we are using a Captivate scorm, published via Storyline in order to get it into Rise. Bit of a messy arrangement, but Captivate does VR so well. We want Rise to recognise the completion.

Thank you