Using triggers within set paramenters

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I'm probably missing something relatively simple here, however, I'm going mad trying to find a solution - hopefully some kind soul can help!

I'm creating a short SL course on micro-gestures. What I'm looking to achieve is that the learner watches a video clip and clicks an on-screen button when they think they have seen a micro-gesture on screen.  This will then trigger a pop-up indicating whether they were correct or incorrect in spotting a micro-gesture.  The bit I'm finding tricky is adding some validation so that S/L can provide the correct feedback.

I think what I need to do is to is set some type of parameter to identify when in the video, and subsequently on the timeline, a micro-gesture can be seen i.e If user hits button 1 between cue point 1 and cue point 2 then show success layer.  

Has anyone come up against this challenge before that can assist?

Any help appreciated.


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Michael Hinze

You could ad a variable "Position". Set the variable to 1 when the timeline reached cuepoint 1 and set it to 2 when the timeline reaches cue point 2. Then add triggers to the button that shows layer correct when user clicks button AND Position=1 and another trigger that shows layer incorrect when user clicks button and Position is not equal to 1.