Using UPK and Storyline? Here's a cool way to combine them.

Using Storyline's Web Object to Insert a UPK Published Topic into a Storyline Slide

Storyline's web object option is really powerful.  It's a simple, easy way to add different types of content to your slides:  live websites, publicly hosted files, etc.  

Storyline also does some pretty awesome screen recordings on it's own.  But sometimes here at DHS, we use a tool called UPK instead.  UPK does a nice job, but it's even cooler when we can combine those UPK topics with some content in Storyline.  Because of Storyline's awesome ability to insert a web object, this is perfectly possible!

To demonstrate how easy this idea is, I've created a Screenr recording that shows each step of the process.  It's really not difficult, but does involve quite a few steps!

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Emma Wolfe

Hi Brenda!  I was wondering what method you used to host UPK as a web object?  We don't seem to be able to publish UPK to the internet; it can only be accessed via the VPN Connected UPK Knowledge Center.  I'd love to be able to embed UPK modules in our Articulate modules and have the best of both worlds, but it seems that even if we are able to connect the Knowledge Center to the internet it would require us to sign on to the Knowledge Center every time to access it!  If you have any insight to this I'd really appreciate it!

Thank you!

Emma Wolfe

Thank you so much for getting back to us so quickly!  Yes, I believe that makes sense!  I think our main issue is that our UPK Knowledge Center where we post the modules can't access the internet and is VPN only... we'll have to see if we can change that. 

We also wanted to check and see how you posted your UPK files and were able to have them accessible without having the user sign on to the Knowledge Center.  Do you have single sign on? 

Thank you so much for your time!

Brian Cook

This is VERY intriguing! My company does change management for clients moving over to digital and UPK is one of our tools. We are looking for ways, however, to enhance our basic eLearning courses and instructional videos and it seems this would be a great way to get someone familiar with UPK without having to build each transaction out!