Using Variable changes , state trigger problem

Hi everyone!I'm new at storyline and stuck because of trigger usage.Already read user guide and some discussions but couldn't find the information. 

I have a base layer and added 4 slide layers and trigger them.First; I want users choose step by step these 4 slide layers (not allowing to read fourth without reading previous ones; after reading one slide layer will go back to base layer and see as "completed") and after finishing  all; next slide should automatically open.

Is there any sample already shared with this trigger rule(related with bold isuues); or how can I choose the right trigger?

Thanks in advance,


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Mark Shepherd

Hi Deniz!

A quick question for you regarding your project:

a) Are you looking to use variables for a count just in the background of your project, so you can have them handle/fire the triggers for you?

b) Or are you looking to DISPLAY the Count of Steps the user takes in the SLIDE ITSELF?

If your answer is a), you should have everything you need, I would think. 

Haven't looked at the included projects yet, but I suspect they will do the job.

If your answer is b), it is more complicated, as there is no built-in Automatic Counting feature or Counting of Objects or Object States (yet) in Storyline. 

That doesn't mean there aren't ways of working around this, it's just a bit more complex, as you may have to do some detailed variable handling and tracking.

Let us know what you are looking for, and hopefully one of us can guide you to an answer! ;)