Using variable to display layer

Jun 10, 2013

Hi. I have a 'menu' slide which includes buttons linking to the first slide in 3 different scenes, then the last slide in each scene links back to the menu slide. That works fine.

What I want to do is make an exit button on the menu slide appear only after the three links have been followed. I tried adding a numeric variable to a hotspot (they are screenrs) on the first slide of each scene, then setting up the EXIT button in its own layer on the menu slide. The trigger for that layer displaying is that the variable is 1or more, but it won't display. I can see the variable count increasing, but the EXIT layer on the menu slide just won't display.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Azizi Abdullah

Thanks guys, I found the below thread as well. I'm going to use the True/False option to change the state of buttons this time. The reason it wasn't working for me was that on the slide whose button states/layer states I wanted to change, I was setting the trigger to "when variable changes" instead of "when timeline starts". Now I know...

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