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Ok....I've got a course with some content and then a quiz.  I don't want the quiz link button to show up until the user has gone all the way through the content.  My launch page has links to each content area as well as the link to the quiz.  I have the quiz link set to be "hidden when timeline starts."  Then on each content area slide I've set up a variable (starting value false) and a trigger to change the variable to true when the user clicks to go back to the launch page.  On the launch page I have a trigger set up to change the state of the link shape to normal when the timeline starts and each of the variables is true (and when going back to the launch page it is set for storyline to auto decide and it is starting the slide over each time).

I figured this way after they had visited each page and come back to the launch page the quiz button would show up.  But it doesn't.  The button never appears.  I've tried changing the state when revisiting (to resume saved state) as well as changing the trigger to show to be just change to normal when variable changes and all the other ones are set to true also.  I also just changed the button to be disabled and set to normal with the variables-that didn't work either. 

Should also probably note that several of my content slides were imported from engage...not sure if that makes a difference or not...

Any ideas welcome!

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Matthew Graham

Thought it may be with those videos.  I cooked up a quick project  using your method, and it seems to be working.  Check the settings for variables and triggers.

The only real difference is that I put the end link on a different layer.  Make sure you set it to reset the home slide upon return.

Adam Hunt

Excellent!  Seems like it had something to do with the variable being changed with the clicking of a button/marker....when I set the variable to change to true when the timeline started on the content slides (like it was on your mock-up) it worked just fine.  Argh.  But thank you!  This is really helpful as I'm building this kind of as a test but want to use the basic format for several projects covering similar types of content...