Using variables as a scoring mechanism

Hello all, 

I am in a bit of a mental bog and looking for some help. I have a course  in which the learner is collecting badges throughout. Quiz slides are set up for 3 attempts and each attempt yields one less badge upon correct answer. My problem is this: The SME would like for the learner to retake the course if they receive less than a certain number of badges. However, the number of badges decided upon by the ones that make decisions like that poses an issue. There are seven questions that could result in a total of 7 badges on the low end, but it would still look to the results slide that they got every question right...eventually.

I have triggers set up to prompt the learner to retake if they receive fewer than 11 badges out of a possible 20. Through our LMS if the learner goes back in to retake the course it will show as "passed."

THE QUESTION: Is there a way to have a variable create a percentage score that would relay to the LMS like a results slide would?

I apologize for the lengthy post, but greatly appreciate any ideas. Thanks!!


- JD

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi JD,

There isn't a way to have a variable be reported as a score to your LMS, but what about using those variables to determine if they see the real results slide that you're using to track the course? Instead of directing them to the final results slide you could direct them to a dummy one that would force them to retake if they're below 11 out of 20 and based on updating the score, than they'd get to the final result slide. If they leave the course prior to reaching that final results slide, likely the course will be marked as "in progress" which may work better for your situation than the current set up.

If not, hopefully someone else in the community can weigh in with a solution!