Using Variables in Storyline

Hi there!

So here's the scoop. I am creating a quiz in Storyline. If the student gets the answer correct, I want them to proceed to the next question. If the student gets the question wrong, I want it to branch to a (for example) terms and definitions slide so they can review the information that the just got incorrect BUT then when they click next, I want it to take them to the NEXT question slide without making the student take the entire quiz over again. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

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Aileen Lynch

Thanks Phil!

I did branch back to the corresponding slide if the user answered incorrectly, but how do I make sure they go to the next question in the quiz when they click next? For example, if I have terms and defs slide at slide 4, and the quiz starts on slide 10. If they get a question wrong I want to to return to slide 4, but they can then return to the next quiz question slide as opposed to slide 5. Hopefully that made sense

Aaron Toth

You could also consider making the specific feedback slide a lightbox. That way, it can live as an independent slide (one you've used earlier, for example) that you close when you're done reading. You also won't have to duplicate layers on a bunch of question slides.

From the failure feedback layer on the question, you could have a button to review the lightbox feedback and a button to continue; that will keep the learner in the stream of the question bank.

You could program it to happen automatically with variables, but it might get a little complicated and be as much work as using layers.