using variables to calculate a percentage

Oct 31, 2013

I'm working on a course whereby the learner can select a number of sections. I want the score achieved at the end of the course to be based on the number of completed sections and a grade to be associated with the score achieved against the maximum number of points associated with all the sections selected. 

At the moment I have 3 variables - totalscore which is the total number of points achieved for the selected questions, maxscore which is the maximum number achievable for the selected sections and degreegrade which is a text variable that is supposed to change depending on the percentage achieved i.e. set degreegade to first if totalscore >=85% of maxscore

How can I achieve this using variables in Storyline? I'm going round in circles and my brain hurts!!

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Greg Cannon

OK trial and error is a good thing and I think I've solved my conundrum!

So I have my totalscore variable.

I set my totalscore85% variable to equal totalscore

I then multiply totalscore85 (new variable) by 0.85 to get 85% of totalscore

I then set degreegrade to 'first' if totalscore >=totalscore85

I'm just testing this now to check that it works but I think in principle my logic is sound?!

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