Using variables to mark course complete

Sep 09, 2015

I wonder if someone could advise me. 

I have a course of one slide which has a video element on it. I want to mark the course complete when the learner views at least 75% of the video. 

Is this possible in Storyline 2?

Thank you for your ideas.

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Walt Hamilton


If you know what length the video will be, you don't need javascript.

Try this example. The video is 75 sec long, and I arbitrarily set the passing level to 20 sec.

The first slide allows the user to move on when they wish; the second requires them to watch the video at least 20 seconds.

You wouldn't need to show the result slides, I just did so you can see that they accurately reflect the user viewing enough of the video.

The timer runs about one-half a second slow per minute, so on a long video, you may have to make adjustments. I also show the seconds elapsed, but that is not necessary.

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